Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Day 99 - Leaves

Some people go all the way to the USA to see the autumn colours. Fall in New England is an institution, a must see, a bucket list mainstay. It is the tree equivalent of swimming with the dolphins. But why travel all that way when the train journey between Prague and Usti is a smorgasbord of colour and light at this time of year? The end destination is a rather run down, desperate place but the journey is breathtakingly beautiful The way the colourful mountains reflect in the river as the train trundles through the countryside is a sight to behold. It’s a myriad of colours, a multitude of delights. It’s an annual journey I am lucky enough to take for work and I always look forward to it. But this year I took it one month later than usual, which ruined my trip. It meant that by the return journey darkness had fallen and the colours were shrouded in cold night air. Is a beautiful golden leaf still beautiful if it is too dark to see it?

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  1. Yes it is. Just close your eyes and think of nothing else.