Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 95 Birthday tongue twisters.

So today I turn 44, which is a nightmare age for me.i am not a big worrier about age - 30 passed without fanfare, I was not too perturbed to be moving out of my twenties, after all I was healthy and happy and doing fine. Then people said ooh forty getting old, it's all down hill from here, but again I survived. Despite the fact I was in a weird place in my life, I managed to enter my 40s healthy and wise, (wealthy has never been my thing). So why is 44 such a problem for me? Well it is mainly because I live in the Czech Republic. That means sometimes I have to answer questions in Czech and they are often personal info questions, like name, age etc. the word for 44 in Czech is čtyřicet čtyři. Now if that looks like a nightmare to say it is because it is. Any word with a ř is a tongue twister for me, an insurmountable tongue twister that my poor mouth can't get around. Trying to say it can lead to jaw dislocation as I try to contort my mouth around the alien sounds. That or suffocation as I swallow my tongue trying to roll my rs. So please Czechs don't ask me my age for at least another year. 

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